CH20 - o upstairs into the cage o through isles o more...

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Lecture 4 –Immigration, 1860-1920 I. Immigration Over Time II. Arriving in America A. Castle Garden (1850’s-1890) B. Ellis Island (1892-1954) III. Immigrant Experiences 3/4 of Carnegie’s workers were immigrants. Sept 4 2004 – 299,646,523 people Immigrants slow to learn English- Children learn English Battery Park IMIGRANTS o Arrive at Ellis Island o Drop bags o 6 second exam
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Unformatted text preview: o upstairs into the cage o through isles o more thorough medical exam o mental competency test o registry room papers for immigration o onto platform Kissing Post find family members set up own communities in large U.S. cities (i.e. Little Italy) o 700 people per acre o crafts pizza makers, things from home o...
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