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HIST 2301 10.22.07 - Lecture 13Origins of the Cold War I...

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10/22/2007 Lecture 13—Origins of the Cold War I. The “Strange Alliance” of World War II A. FDR (US); Churchill (GB); Stalin (USSR) B. Second Front C. Wartime Conferences 1. Teheran (late 1943) 2. Percentages Deal (1944) 3. Yalta (February 1945) II. The End of the Strange Alliance A. President Harry Truman B. Potsdam (July 1945) C. The Atomic Bomb III. The Cold War Emerges A. Truman Doctrine (March 1947) 1. “Scare Hell” into the American People -There are three main theories as to the origin of the Cold War. It may have been because Stalin led the USSR. Perhaps the U.S. needed a new enemy. Maybe the USSR was viewed as an economic threat.; -The movement from ally to enemy was quick because there was always distrust in the Strange Alliance. The alliance formed because Germany invaded the USSR in 1941 and essentially put the USSR on the side of the U.S. and Great Britain. In 1940 and 1941 the Germans relentlessly bombed London. Londoners took refuge in the underground
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subway tubes of the city. This alliance was never near a full partnership. FDR and Churchill often met on their own. -Stalin desperately wanted a second front, with an invasion coming through France or
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HIST 2301 10.22.07 - Lecture 13Origins of the Cold War I...

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