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HIST 2301 10.29.07 and 10.31.07

HIST 2301 10.29.07 and 10.31.07 - III Korean War A 30th...

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10/29/2007 III. Korean War A. 30 th Parallel B. Pusan Perimeter C. Inchon D. Yalu E. Chosin Reservoir F. Truman-MacArthur Controversy IV. The World of Joe McCarthy A. Background B. Wheeling, WV (Feb 9, 1950) C. Political Impact D. Army-McCarthy Hearings (1954) 1. Joseph Welch 2. Fred Fisher 3. Ray Cohn 4. David Schine -The 38 th Parallel separated North Korea from South Korea. This was established after WWII, largely as an afterthought of the post war structure of Asia. Korea had been controlled by Japan. U.S. and Soviet officials met in Japan to determine the future of Korea. The North would be under Soviet control, and the South would be under U.S. control. This was an arbitrary line. There were communists below the line and capitalists above the line.
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-In 1950 the North Korean leader sent 75,000 troops South of the line, as he felt that most of Korea wanted Communist rule. After a few months, South Koreans were just holding onto the Pusan Perimeter—a small area at the southern tip of South Korea. -Truman asked the U.N. Security Council for an international force to help the South Koreans. The U.S. got this mandate through the Security Council because the USSR was absent from the meeting and thus could not exercise its veto. -Under Douglass MacArthur, the U.N. forces invaded Korea behind enemy lines at Inchon. This was an amphibious assault, much like what the Allies did on D-Day in WWII. The North Koreans were not prepared to defend this invasion. From September to October, MacArthur drove the North above the 38 th Parallel. -The U.N. Mandate was to repel the North Korean invasion. Now the question was whether to eliminate North Korea all together and unify Korea under the South Korean government. Did the U.S. really want to eliminate a country from the globe? The U.S. went to the U.N. to have the mandate amended to go north of the 38 th Parallel. All of this happened within a matter of months. -Seeing the U.N. resolution amended, the Chinese got nervous and warned that if the U.S. went to the Yalu River, they would get involved. Truman told MacArthur to stop short of the Yalu. By late October Macarthur went to the Yalu and the Chinese attacked the U.S.
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HIST 2301 10.29.07 and 10.31.07 - III Korean War A 30th...

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