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Lecture 14 & 15 - B 1950’s Sexuality II Life of...

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Lecture 14 I. The enemy within II. Alger Hiss Case A. Whittaker Chambers 1. Communist Spy 2. Editor at Time B. Alger Hiss 1. Aristocratic Background 2. Government Service 3. Confrontation w/ Chambers before HUAC 4. “Pumpkin Papers” Lecture 15 I. 1950’s: Myths and Reality A. which 1950’s?
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Unformatted text preview: B. 1950’s Sexuality II. Life of Alfred Kinsey A. Midwestern Roots B. Sexologist III. Kinsey’s Research A. Methods B. Sexuality in the Human Male (1948); … Female (1953) C. Kinsey’s Conclusions IV. Kinsey’s Secrets...
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