Notes 3-3-09 and 3-5-09

Notes 3-3-09 and 3-5-09 - B ureaucracy 1. Def a. A...

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Bureaucracy 1. Def a. A hierarchical organizations designed to perform a particular set of tasks b. Not limited to government but examples in fov include executive departments and independent agencies in Executive branch 2. Expansionary a. Fight over budget/resources; desire to complete tasks leads to calls for more ppl and more resources. Also because the size and role of government overall has increased. 3. Rigid a. Procedures and rules tend to multiply and become more detailed over time to deal with more particular circumstances and more tasks b. Very inflexible at dealing with special circumstances 4. Sluggish a. Doesn’t move very fast b. Procedures… layers of authorization c. Changes very slowly too 5. Isolated a. Tendency to try to increase independent power and decrease reliance upon others b. If responsible for job, want the power c. But can make things very complicated on citizen, if they have a request that cuts across agencies d. Can get contradictory directives or simple run-around 6. 4 Major Hcaracteristics
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a. Hierarchical i. Everone should know whom they repart to and who reports to them b. Clear lines of accountability and responsibility c. Specialization and expertise d. Rational Procedures i. Rules and record keeping Spoils System
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Notes 3-3-09 and 3-5-09 - B ureaucracy 1. Def a. A...

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