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Adams/SmartDriver 2 Adams/SmartDriver Adams/SmartDriver is an advanced driver simulator that can bring a vehicle to its dynamic limits or near targets you define. You must supply a path over which the vehicle will be driven and a target (either vehicle limits or user-defined limits). The typical Adams/SmartDriver application is for a single mini- maneuver for which you require maximum or target performance. Adams/SmartDriver lets you improve handling, durability, or ride performance of the verhicle model based on predicted performance Adams/SmartDriver computes. It gives you the ability to investigate system-level dynamics of the vehicle model, while requiring minimal setup. The following figure summarizes the Adams/SmartDriver internal architecture: Adams/SmartDriver calculates the speed profile using a built-in quasi-static solver. This solver can take into account tire limits, engine and brake system limits, as well as full load transfer and aerodynamics. The internal solver is a fast simplified vehicle model, with rigid suspensions. It inherits all vehicle data (initial conditions, geometry, inertial values, tires, and so on) from the full model, and integrates forward in time dynamics, taking into account inertial effects, load transfer, aerodynamics, and driver demands. Powertrain and tires are fully compliant with Adams (PAC2002 and PAC96 tire models are fully
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smartdriver_md2010 - Adams/SmartDriver 2 Adams/SmartDriver...

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