EnSci long exam 3 - Cordoba, Lance Oliver B. Environmental...

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eek’s worth of groceries. (Noodles, Canned Goods, Rice, Cooking Oil, Coffee, Sugar, Biscuits) Cordoba, Lance Oliver B. Environmental Science Lecture 102300 March 15, 2011 In the year 2009 a typical Filipino family of five needs Php 4,869 to satisfy their monthly food allowance and Php 7,017 for them to stay out the poverty line. As of the latest data given by National Statistical Coordination Board, there are 3.86 million poor families all around the Philippines. [1] According to a study that was conducted by the Asian Development Bank, there are seven things that seem to directly cause the poverty in our country. These are (1) macroeconomic issues, (2) unemployment issues, (3) unchecked population growth, (4) problems in the agriculture sector, (5) governance concerns, (6) armed conflict, and (7) disability. [2] Several of those measures for poverty can be actually found within the family of Ate Mylene Monterozo of C. Benitez Street, Cubao, Quezon City. When we first talked with Ate Mylene, my first impression of her was that she is having an OKAY kind of life, to think that they even have a washing machine. As time goes by and our little chitchat became much deeper, we actually saw that they may be living a happy life, but behind that façade of hers she wanted a much better life for her kid and her whole family (since everyone of them lives under one roof only.) Ate Mylene is already 32 years of age and she has been here in the Metro since birth; she is the ONLY high school graduate in her family and she has 1 child. In their small house, there are 15 people (7 Kids, 7 Adults and 1 care-taker) residing in it; let me add that they all live in the first floor of the house and they have wooden bunk-beds. The 7 kids
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EnSci long exam 3 - Cordoba, Lance Oliver B. Environmental...

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