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Short Answer Questions HUM/186 Version 2 1 University of Phoenix Material Short Answer Questions Answer each question below. Answers should be approximately 100 words per question. 1. What are the different forms of social media that exist today? Provide examples of different social media and their primary purposes. 2. What are the greatest benefits of social media for individuals and society? 3. What are the greatest problems of social media for individuals and society? 4. How have modern social media sites affected commerce? Include positive and negative examples in your answer. 5. How has the Internet changed the way many Americans consume information? Explain the importance and value of the availability of information on the Internet. 6. How might you determine if information found online is trustworthy? Describe credibility issues with information found on the Internet. 7. In what ways have politicians used the Internet in campaigning and in staying in touch with constituents? What is the overall effect of the Internet on politics?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Newspapers, once available only in print, have evolved into 24-hour multimedia operations. In addition to newspapers, briefly describe the evolution of movies, television, Internet, books and magazines, and media companies throughout the last century. 9. What is media convergence? Provide an example of media convergence and explain the media elements that are being combined. Explain how the combination of media elements in your example may be useful and to whom. 10. How has media convergence changed American culture? Short Answer Questions HUM/186 Version 2 2 11. Explain how music and culture influence one another. Provide an example of a song or album that affected culture. Provide examples of songs with cultural references. 12. A big part of how pop music affects culture involves how it is distributed. Briefly describe how pop music and music distribution has changed over the last century....
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hum186_r2_short_answer_questions-2 - 8 Newspapers once...

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