Checkpoint Implicit Association Test

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Checkpoint Implicit Association Test The results that I received are moderate automatic preference for light skin compared to dark skin. I believe that the test results are somewhat valid. I have never given much thought to what skin tone I prefer as my family is has both light skin and dark skin tones. Yes, I think that it is very difficult to accurately measure prejudice. When performing any test how can you tell if the results are accurate? Are the people taking the survey’s telling the truth? In today’s society either through work or family people have learned that if they have negative feelings toward the other sex or race they had best keep
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Unformatted text preview: it to themselves or they may lose there job, or you could have a lawsuit against you. In today’s workforce treating everyone as your equal is essential. It is not tolerated to be disrespectful or offensive to somebody regarding sex or race. One method that sociologist use to calculate prejudice is by collecting data that can be counted. They conduct surveys, experiments, manipulated and statistical data and then analyze and count the information. This is called collecting quantitative data. They can also collect qualitative data, which is data set in categories or qualities....
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