Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - 1 Ethnic Groups and...

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1 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Wendy Witt Eth/125 12/19/2010 Jacqueline Jefferson
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2 European exploration and colonization began in 1492 after Christopher Columbus sailed to America introducing the new world to the western world. Soon after, exploration, and colonization rapidly expanded. First through the Caribbean islands and then in the 16 th century parts of the mainland South and North America. European Americans did not have to face prejudice, segregation, or racism. European Americans took dominance as it was the largest ethnic group. In the 19 th century the Caucasians faced racism amongst themselves. Anthropologists divided the Caucasian race into racial subcategories in the beginning of the 20 th century. One of these categories is the Nordic Race. This claims that the Caucasian people would become the master race for leadership. This became a major influence on Nazism. Caucasians played a very large role in participating in numerous forms of discrimination to all ethnic groups. In the 1850s European Americans tried to remove Catholics from public office
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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - 1 Ethnic Groups and...

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