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Checkpoint 2 Arguement Credibility - My classmate made an...

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Checkpoint 2 Argument Credibility Peer Viewed I believe that my classmate did a good job accurately identifying the claims within the article. Claims were stated that women leaders need to recruit in going globally green. The claims agree with my observations in that it has been only in the last half a century that women have been allowed to obtain many positions of leadership. Although I do believe that there are several women who do have leadership roles in engineering. I agree with what the author has written. It is common knowledge America needs a diverse input to proceed in the global green world.
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Unformatted text preview: My classmate made an accurate judgment that the article is written in a biased manner. The author is biased toward women although she is ultimately correct in her statements. She is a credible source as she is the former United States Undersecretary of Energy. The co-author is the President of Earth Day Network. I used direct feedback approach. I found a few grammar errors in the writing. It may be beneficial to re-read what they have written. For example nonprofits is spelled as one word, no hyphen. Using the statement, “I feel” is vague; try using “believe” or “think.”...
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