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Today I am going to discuss the article I chose. This article has opinion and facts. I feel that this article is a very important one that needs to be addressed. So I hope you understand my reasoning for picking this article. This article explains that more women leaders need to recruit in going globally green. It also states that women are taking leaderships in government and non-profit organizations but not in other forms of leadership. Women need to be recruited for leadership positions in energy, urban planning, life sciences and carbon-based economy. Women are taking up leadership positions in government and increasingly in business and science, but not in sufficient numbers to match the enormity of this fossil-fueled-to-green-economy transition.
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Unformatted text preview: More women need to step up and realize their full potential. As I have watched the media. More men are in leadership positions than women are. The author is the former undersecretary of energy. I feel that the author is being completely honest in her observations as a whole. This is what I read and felt was interesting. I feel if women would take more initiative they would succeed in leadership positions as a whole. Reference: Rogers, K. J. (2011, March 1). Wanted: Women leaders in going globally green. Retrieved 2 March, 2011, from CNN.COM:
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