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Checkpoint Expository Essay Topic

Checkpoint Expository Essay Topic - development and growth...

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Checkpoint Expository Essay Topic To narrow my topic healthful eating for an expository essay I plan on doing some preliminary reading about the subject. I want to approach this subject by asking myself, “Which aspect of this topic is more interesting to me? I’am interested in the controversy over vegetarian babies are not healthy. “What do I want to know more about? I want to learn more about raising a vegetarian toddler. I want to learn more about what foods provide the proper amount of nutrients, protein, and vitamins to ensure proper
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Unformatted text preview: development and growth for toddlers. I accessed he university library and conducted a search using Resources by Subject, Health and Wellness Resource Center, Vegetarian Children, Magazines and Journals. Giving me results for Vegetarian Family Magazine and Vegetarian Baby Magazine. I will use both of these sources to start my preliminary reading to answer my questions and conduct my research....
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