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Checkpoint Introductions and Conclusions

Checkpoint Introductions and Conclusions - 1 Raising a...

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1 Raising a Little Vegetarian Although several parents, and some Pediatricians, believe that a vegetarian diet is unhealthy and not safe for children, if well planned, a vegetarian diet is in fact safe if parents provide all of the nutrients and calories that your child needs to ensure proper growth and development. Vegetarianism is the abstinence from eating meat. People choose a vegetarian diet for various reasons such as health, religion, and animal rights. Parents can raise a healthy little vegetarian. A vegetarian diet for children has been proven to be safe and rewardingly healthy. There are several children who eat unhealthy diets that are not safe, and they are not vegetarian. Yes, there are negatives of a vegetarian diet, but there is negatives for all parents and for any diet. A vegetarian diet for children teaches them healthy eating habits that will provide several health benefits to them throughout life. Although a vegetarian diet for a toddler may be difficult to plan. Raising a little vegetarian requires proper planning and acquiring nutritional knowledge to ensure that they are providing enough iron, calcium, protein, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, and calories. The vegetarian diet has becoming more popular in recent years. Society has always assumed that a vegetarian diet did not provide the proper amounts of nutrients that are found in meat product. Through research and science it has been proven that nutrients provided in meat is also provided in a vegetarian diet. Protein is highly important. Protein provides nourishment for the body to make new cells and repair damaged cells, hormones, antibodies, enzymes, and muscle tissue. Foods that contain a complete source of protein are soybeans, tofu, tempeh, and miso. Legumes, whole grains,
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