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Checkpoint the Writing Process

Checkpoint the Writing Process - put in a thesis statement...

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Checkpoint The Writing Process The writing process that I have used in the past is different from the writing process I’am reading about in class in several ways. The writing process I used in the past started with gathering my research first, organizing order of material, rough draft, re- writing, and then final draft. The writing process I have read about in class is structured, has an outline, and detailed. This writing process allows the person composing the paper to become involved with writing, researching, and composing the paper. Rewriting, brainstorming, and listing are easy to compose. Composing a thesis statement and introduction are difficult. I have difficulty defining what information to
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Unformatted text preview: put in a thesis statement, and using proper wording. The introduction I have the same difficulty. I do not want to put too much information in the introduction and I do not want to be vague either. To become a better writer it is essential that I know how to compose a proper thesis statement and introduction for my papers. Techniques I can use to compose a thesis statement are to determine what kind of thesis I’am going to have. Choose a topic I want to research. Writing down questions about my topic and answering them will give me some ideas to use. Once I have made a thesis statement, I can have a classmate or my instructor proofread....
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