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Incorporating Feedback The feedback that I received from my instructor was constructive and helpful. Areas that need revising are to remove personal pronouns, awkward sentences, and change to third person communication. And further incorporation of cited sources is needed. The feedback I received from the peer viewer was also constructive and helpful. The peer viewer suggested proofreading and checking for grammar and punctuation errors. Also, proofread paragraphs so they are clear and not confusing to my readers. From the Center of Writing Excellence I will incorporate the feedback by submitting
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Unformatted text preview: paper to Write Point, as well as referencing the grammar and writing guidelines. This feedback will help me to improve my essay by ensuring I have proper grammar and punctuation. Feedback will also help me to improve that my paper is clear and my readers can understand and relate to the text. I will also download the Complete Guidelines for Writing Academic Essays and use as a guide to ensure my paper is outlined properly as well as provides proper structure of paragraphs, introduction, conclusion, cited sources, and smooth transitions throughout paper....
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