susana woodson - Running head: BODY PARAGRAPHS 1 Body...

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Running head: BODY PARAGRAPHS 1 Body Paragraphs Susana Woodson COM 150 March 27, 2011 Tanya Manwill
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BODY PARAGRAPHS 2 Body Paragraphs Are you aware that almost every food that is good for your body can be paired or combined to make them a delicious meal? Learning what is healthy is important when choosing what to eat. First thing to take in consideration is fat, unsaturated fats are actually good for you when used in small amounts. Monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat help reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterols. Trans fat and saturated fat have the opposite effect, and this can be harmful to the heart. It is beneficial to stay away from hydrogenated foods, since they are the culprit to Tran’s fats. If a food has been hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, it is more likely to have traces of Trans fat. To avoid consuming the wrong fats make it is important to read nutritional facts labels of all the ingredients being used. Sodium is a concern to a lot of people when trying to start eating healthy, with lower salt a lot of people feel that food will be bland and without flavor. But controlling or monitoring sodium intake is important because high sodium intake causes high blood pressure, and it is also harmful when a person has some chronic diseases. But there are things that can help the battle of lowering sodium for health. The tongue will rarely recognize a reduction of sodium of up to 25%, so when reducing sodium it will be less noticeable if done in small amounts. Herbs and spices can make things more flavorful. Beware of spice and herb mixes, many of them contain
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susana woodson - Running head: BODY PARAGRAPHS 1 Body...

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