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S9_Framework_handouts - corporate culture ± The more...

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3/9/2010 1 A FRAMEWORK FOR UNDERSTANDING ETHICAL DECISION MAKING Dr. Truong Thi Nam Thang A framework for understanding ethical decision making Ethical issue intensity Corporate Culture Significant Others Opportunity Ethical and Unethical Behaviors Individual factors Cognitive Moral Development Business Ethics Evaluations and Intentions Ethical Issue Intensity Relates to perceived relevance or importance of an ethical issue to the individual, work group, and/or organization The perception of ethical issue intensity can be influenced by management which can use rewards , which can use rewards and punishments, code of ethics, values from the
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Unformatted text preview: corporate culture ± The more likely individuals are to perceive the importance of an ethical issue, the less likely they are to engage in questionable or unethical behavior associated with the issue 4 3/9/2010 2 Corporate Culture ± A set of values, beliefs, goals, norms and ways to solve problems ± Ethical working climate ± Significant others ± Workgroup, peers, managers, coworkers, subordinates ± Obedience to authority ± Role stress ± Opportunity ± Conditions that limit or permit ethical or unethical behavior ± Immediate job context...
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S9_Framework_handouts - corporate culture ± The more...

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