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3/9/2010 1 Organizational Relationships and Conflicts in Ethical Decision Making Dr. Truong Thi Nam Thang 1 Variation in employee conduct 10% 40% 40% 10% Follow their own values and beliefs Try to always follow company policies and rules Go along with the work group Take advantage of situations if : The penalty is Believe that their values are superior to others in the company less than the benefits The risk of being caught is low 2 Ethical organizational decision making Personal Significant others: ETHICA values Opportunity Peers ETHICAL DECISIONS 3 Interpersonal Relationships in Org. Role relationships A role: the part that a particular person plays in an org; it refers to that person’s position and the behavior others expect from some1 holding the position Socialization : the process through which a person learns the values and appropriate behavior patterns of an organization or group and the behavior expected of this or her role within the organization
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S11_Relationship_handouts - 3/9/2010...

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