Essentials of International Relations 5e Vocabulary Ch. 4

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Essentials of International Relations 5e Vocabulary  Ch. 4 International Society - The states and substate actors in the international system and the institutions and norms that regulate interaction; implies that these actors communicate, sharing common interests and a common identity; identified with British school of political theory New International Economic Order (NIEO) - a list of demands by the Group of 77 to reform economic relations between the North and the South, that is, between the developed countries and developing
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Unformatted text preview: countries North - the developed countries, mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, including the countries of North America, European countries, and Japan South - the developing countries of Africa, Latin America, and southern Asia Stratification - the uneven distribution of resources among different groups of individuals and states System - a group of units or parts united by some form of regular interaction, in which a change in one unit causes changes in the others; these interactions occur in regularized ways...
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