Essentials of International Relations 5e Vocabulary Ch. 6

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Essentials of International Relations 5e Vocabulary  Ch. 6 belief system - the organized and integrated perceptions of individuals in a society, including foreign- policy decision makers, often based on past history, that guide them to select certain policies over others cognitive consistency - the tendency of individuals to accept information that is compatible with what has previously been accepted, often by ignoring inconsistent information; linked to the desire of individuals to be consistent in their attitudes evoked set - the tendency to look for details in a contemporary situation that are similar to information
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Unformatted text preview: previously obtained groupthink - the tendency for small groups to form a consensus and resist criticism of a core position, often disregarding contradictory information in the process; group may ostracize members holding a different position mirror images - the tendency of individuals and groups to see in one's opponent the opposite characteristics as those seen in one's self track-two diplomacy - unofficial overtures by private individuals or groups to try and resolve an ongoing international crisis or civil war...
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