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Chapter 23 - dark in using the light to bring the objects...

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How did the invention of empiricism in the 17th c. affect painting of that period? Use 2 paintings from  Chapter 23 as examples and be very specific about a) what empiricism is and who championed it  and b) how exactly it affected painting. Empiricism is the method believed that using inductive reasoning and scientific reasoning can get you to any general conclusions. Francis Bacon, an English politician and scientist, was the person who championed it. Empiricism has affected the paintings in many great ways. The limits of what the painter’s could paint were limitless. From having no photographs, and having to try to get the painting just right, as to now having found new things to capture such detail. Empiricism has brought such use of space, light and dark and brought everyday things to life as subjects in her paintings. Maria Van Oosterwyck had a painting called Vanitas Still Life. She brought the picture to life, and put it right out in front. She used light and
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Unformatted text preview: dark, in using the light to bring the objects depth. She used very specific and intricate detail in her paintings. She used a microscope just to get all the detail right. Her painting is by far the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve never really been into paintings but have fell in love with hers. The detail of a microscopic fly, the mouse eating the grain, all the intricate detail on the globe, the very old book and the butterfly shows the affects that empiricism has had on the paintings. The next painting I really liked Pieter De Hooch’s A Dutch Courtyard. He makes it a very light setting and puts a lot of detail into the pipe-smoking and the beer drinking. He makes the brick as a focal point and some of what the matron and the pudgy kid as it as well. It’s like he set the brick wall and then the people are right there in front of your face. The detail with every single brick and the look of the thing each character is holding is incredible....
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