Assignment Punishment Research paper(1st time)

Assignment Punishment Research paper(1st time) - Running...

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Running head: PUNISHMENT RESEARCH PAPER 1 Assignment: Punishment Research Paper Stephanie Cockle SOC 120 July 4, 2010 Melanie G. Graf
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PUNISHMENT RESEARCH PAPER 2 Assignment: Punishment Research Paper Does punishment deter crime? An argument that faces society as much today as it has for many years. Many people believe it does prevent many crimes and many people also believe it does not. If someone wants to commit a crime they are going to do it no matter what the consequences might be. : A fundamental reason we have so much crime is that potential criminals decide the expected benefits of committing crimes outweigh the expected costs. Criminal say the costs can be measured by the expected punishment. Expected punishment is not the length of time actually spent in prison. Criminal base it on the probabilities of being arrested, convicted, prosecuted and going to prison, and on the average time prisoners spend in prison (Cordell, D., 1994). Controlling crime is one of the longest standing issues in society, the fear of committing a crime and having to face imprisonment is suppose to deter most criminals and though it may work for some, the game for others and getting away with it, is what keeps criminals at work (Economist's View, 2007). So, how or what can be done to make punishment more effective? There are four basic types of punishment that will be reviewed, what the affects of each one are and how they relate to today’s American society. Retribution is a punishment that is appropriate for a crime. An eye for an eye, it is one of the oldest justifications for punishment. At its simplest, retribution is a penalty imposed for a crime that is designed to provide some form of compensation to the victim while also penalizing
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Assignment Punishment Research paper(1st time) - Running...

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