Checkpoint Culture Shock (1st time)

Checkpoint Culture Shock (1st time) - Traveling to Ensenada...

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Preparing to visit a foreign country is as important as eating in my point of view, but it could be me as a person being over prepared? To prepare to visit and live in unknown territory for a year I would have been doing some serious research, what kind of living situations do the villagers live in? What they do for shelter from weather? What kind of clothing they wear? What do they do for food? What kind of food they eat and how it’s prepared? How they bath or clean themselves? How they protect themselves from predators? What to do they do if someone gets sick? There are many questions one should ask and get answered, by doing research or from someone who has lived in the area. Maybe spending some time in the wilderness to prepare for the outdoors that most of us are not accustomed to.
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Unformatted text preview: Traveling to Ensenada, Mexico was a culture shock to me, although the natives were very friendly. The living situations and lack of cleanliness was hard for me to understand and witness. I know that this is all they know and this is a way of life for them, but it’s still makes me appreciate the things I have that we work so hard for. If Napoleon Chagnon would have spent time studying the culture he was about to enter he may have been more prepared for what he was about to witness. I think it’s important to understand the different cultures that surround us and to be prepared when going on vacation to another country where culture is completely different from the way we live, it’s hard for the natives just as it is for the people visiting, to know is to understand and accept....
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