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Checkpoint Deviant Behavior (1st time)

Checkpoint Deviant Behavior (1st time) - behavior if they...

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The human behavior that jumped right out at me during this week’s reading was that in some areas of the country it’s okay to have sex for money, prostitution. To my knowledge it’s only legal in a few counties in Nevada but other than that, not legal or really accepted anywhere else in the United States. It is accepted in some other countries, but, I am referring to the United States. In Nevada, where prostitution is legal, this deviant behavior is accepted because the people know it’s not illegal and it brings in money as sick as that sounds. The people that run the brothel and the women that work there are glad that they can make money and enjoy all the money they get from it. The society accepts it in Nevada because that’s their way of life, the average person that goes looking for somewhere to move would not move a family there because they would learn of this
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Unformatted text preview: behavior if they don’t already know about it and it’s not really accepted. Other societies object to this behavior because other than the prostitutes and the men paying to be with them it’s disgusting and wrong. Of course they don’t think this because they enjoy it and get paid for it so they don’t think anything is wrong with it. But society is taught that sexual relations is to be between two people that love and trust each other and in this society this is not the case. When a crime is committed by someone who has a powerful status, it really just depends on what the crime is, but if it’s DUI’s or small crimes they get a slap on the wrist, they can use their money to buy themselves out of it. It does get more attention sometimes and then the law has to be followed, but generally the more powerful people get it easier than the average Joe....
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