Checkpoint Social and Formal Groups Comparsion (1st time)

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The social group that I am a part of is really just my family and circle of friends, the formal organization I belong to is the school PTA. Establishing membership to the social groups that I am a part of, well there is no required membership I am a part of my family as they are mine and we were all born into it, so we don’t have much of a choice in the matter. In every family there is the person that takes charge to get family functions together and keep in contact with everyone, but it’s not ever a specific person, it usually just the person that wants to keep the family involved and together. Friends, however we do get to choose, and those relationships are formed on many different levels. But, there is still now membership to establish, we either get along and remain friends or our interests don’t align
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Unformatted text preview: and we part ways or contact is minimal, compared to a friend that has the same interests as I. The PTA at my childrens school is, however a formal organization and does require membership to be a part of it. You can pay a fee to be a member and it helps the school raise funds for school activities, or you pay to be a member, but also be a part of the board that makes decisions and votes on activities. Working to put those things together is also part of being on the board. With both groups, social and formal, relationships and communication are key factors but are most important in the formal organization. Everyone has to work together and agree in order for the organization to run smoothly and get tasks accomplished....
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