2011 Spr IS 3300 Exam 3 Study guide

2011 Spr IS 3300 Exam 3 Study guide - controls General...

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IS 3300 Exam 3 Study Guide: Date TBA Bring: scantron, pencil, good eraser, picture ID Topics to study accountability authentication best practices biometrics bullwhiip effect business-to-consumer electronic commerce carpal tunnel syndrome churn rate click stream tracking copyright customer relationship management (CRM) consumer-to consumer electronic commerce customization demand forecasts demand planning denial of service attack digital certificate digital checking digital checks digital signature digital wallet disintermediation due process e-commerce categories e-commerce ubiquity enterprise systems, how they work, challenges ethics, ethical analysis, ethical choices Fair Information Practices Golden Rule identity theft information assymetry Information technology infrastructure intranet - benefits just in time logistics m-commerce strategies
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Unformatted text preview: controls: General Controls, Administrative Controls, S/W controls, H/W controls, computer operations controls, data security controls, implementation controls, processing controls, O/P controls message integrity mobile phones [other mobile technologies] moral dimensions of the information age patent personalization/customization of web sites procurement pull based model push based model reintermediation repetitive stress injury responsibility Social engineering smart cards stored value payments Supply chain, up stream and downstream activities, Supply chain management Supply chain, planning systems, execution systems technostress threats against information systems trade secret trademark Trojan horse ubiguitous Virus WiFi vulnerabilities wireless networks, vulnerabilities of wireless networks worm...
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2011 Spr IS 3300 Exam 3 Study guide - controls General...

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