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IS 3300 2011 Spring Exam 1 study guide

IS 3300 2011 Spring Exam 1 study guide - Generations of...

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IS 3300 Exam 1: Friday Feb. 11, 2011 during normal class time at normal location Study your notes plus the following textbook coverage and pages as indicated in outline of slides. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 10 Know what the following acronyms stand for and about the topic they represent AI – Artificial Intelligence CAD – computer aided design CAM – Computer aided manufacturing CRM – customer relationship management DSS – decision support systems ES – expert systems ESS – executive support systems KWS – Knowledge Work Systems MIS – management information systems OAS – office automation systems SCM – supply chain management TPS – transaction processing systems Other areas to study: Collaboration tools Data Datamining Decision Making: types of decisions, steps in decision making Enterprise Applications, Enterprise systems Expert System Shell [AI Shell] Extranet Feedback Formal Systems
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Unformatted text preview: Generations of computer languages: characteristics Grace Murray Hopper Information System Information Information Technology Infrastructure Input input-process-output model intelligent agent Internet Intranet Knowledge & Information-Intense Products Knowledge Workers Management Triangle – names of levels, types of managers in each, types decision making by each level of management OLAP Output Problem Solving Model [steps in decision making] Process Security of information systems Shopping bots Spreadsheets Study guide for Exam 1 1 IS 3300 Supply chain management Telecommuting, conferencing, video conferencing Virtual reality systems Video conferencing Word processors You will need picture id , scantron, pencil & good eraser for the exam. Composition of the exam: True/False and Multiple Choice [50 questions total] Study guide for Exam 1 2...
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IS 3300 2011 Spring Exam 1 study guide - Generations of...

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