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ans415 exam 3 - Recent studies have suggested that long...

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Recent studies have suggested that long term intake of excess levels of vitamin A is associated with increased bone demineralization. True Sterols are absorbed after fatty acids are hydrolyzed True Vitamins serve as enzymatic cofactors and cause biochemical reactions to occur at a lower plane of energy. True What does colipase do? stabilizes lipase on the micelle membrane Omega 3 fatty acids have: the first double bond 3 carbons from the methyl terminal end Which form(s) of vitamin A directly or indirectly support(s) growth? retinal and retinol and retinoic acid Short chain fatty acids have a _____ boiling point. Low Which of the lipoproteins contain the largest percentage of protein? high density lipoprotein Vitamin A is distributed throughout the body by RBP, which is produced by the: Liver Warfarin blocks the conversion of K epoxide to K quinon in the synthesis of prothrombin True Polyunsaturated fatty acis have only one carbon to carbon double bond False Epidemiological studies have shown that women consuming conjugated linoleic acid have a lower incidence of what type of cancer? Mammary Complete hydrogenation of an unsaturated fatty acid will result in a saturated fatty acid True In humans, a vitamin K deficiency can result in subcutaneous bleeding? True Which of the following is synthesized by the hydrogenation of vegetable oils? Margarine The type of fatty acid that is often refered to as a chair conformation is a: trans-fatty acid Vitamin D binds to receptors in the nucleus: True Which of the following is a precursor of pro-vitamin D that is of animal origin? Cholesterol Short chain volatile fatty acids have a low boiling point What are the end products of cholesterol ester digestion in the small intestinal tract? Fatty acid plus cholesterol Odd numbered fatty acids have:
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Lower melting points A conjugated configuration in a fatty acid means: there are no methylene groups between the double bonds within the aliphatic chain Compared to other fat depots, intra-abdominal fat is: brittle Which of the following tissues contain little if any adipocytes? ruminal stratified squamous epithelium Those free fatty acids that are transported, per se, through the enterocyte are bound to a fatty acid binding protein for the following reason(s): prevents the free fatty acid from exerting a detergent effect within the enterocyte Which of the following could be considered a nutraceutical? vitamins and minerals consumed above the RDA carotenoid supplements isoflavone supplements Which of the following is not a fat soluble vitamin: B Cholesterol is a precursor of: Vitamin D Over-consumption of beta carotene can cause vitamin A toxicity: False Vitamin E deficiency in cats results in: pansteatitis The hydrolysis of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids is the description of: Rancidity Adipocytes are cells that store ____ as triglycerides. fats
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ans415 exam 3 - Recent studies have suggested that long...

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