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Product and Service Design CHAPTER 4 PRODUCT AND SERVICE DESIGN KEY IDEAS 1. Product Design. Relevant considerations in planning a product or service system include: research, design, production, life cycle, safety in use, reliability, maintainability, regulatory and legal problems. 2. Profitability. A marketable product is not always profitable. The reasons for this include: a. poor design that leads to an unsafe product may cause accidents that will result in future product liability lawsuits. b. the development may take so long that the product is being marketed past the time of peak demand. c. the competition may produce a better product. 3. Ethics of Design. The product designer has an ethical obligation to design products and services so as to avoid damaging or polluting the environment, to employ safe manufacturing processes, and to assure that the product is harmless in its intended uses. 4. Recycling and Remanufacturing. Cost and environmental concerns and government regulations have led many companies to design products so that various parts can be recycled (i.e. crushed, melted, etc. and reused in new ways). Still other companies are remanufacturing products, which involves refurbishing used products and then reselling them. 5.
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CH_04_10th_Edition - Product and Service Design CHAPTER 4...

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