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Supply Chain Management CHAPTER 11 SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT KEY IDEAS 1. Supply Chain Management. A supply chain, or value chain, is the network of business organizations that comprise all of the material, processing facilities and other activities involved in bringing a product or service to the final customer. Among the elements of supply chain management are customers, forecasting, product and service design, processing, inventory, purchasing, suppliers, location and logistics. 2. Importance of Supply Chain Management. The current interest in supply chains is due to a variety of factors. Among them are; increased competitive pressures, increased levels of outsourcing, increasing transportation costs, increasing globalization, and the need to manage inventories. The Internet (or e-commerce) is also a factor for many organizations, offering opportunities for buying and selling goods and exchanging information. 3. Logistics. Logistics is concerned not only with the movement of materials, but also with the movement of information in a supply chain. 4. Reverse Logistics. Goods may be returned to sellers for a variety of reasons. They may be defective, or because customers simply change their minds. This requires
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CH_11_10th_Editions - Supply Chain Management CHAPTER 11...

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