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CH_15_10th_Edition - JIT and Lean Operations CHAPTER 15...

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JIT and Lean Operations CHAPTER 15 LEAN OPERATIONS KEY IDEAS 1. Just-in-Time (JIT). Just-in-time is a philosophy of repetitive manufacturing. It aims to achieve an operating system in which materials and services are delivered to the user with precise timing so that they arrive exactly as needed; hence the name, just-in-time (JIT). The result should be the smooth and rapid flow of material through the system. JIT systems are also known as lean production systems. Prominent features of JIT systems include the use of little or no inventory, constant efforts to identify and eliminate waste, and the reduction of bottlenecks and interruptions in the production process. Waste in this context includes such things as overproduction, waiting time, product defects, etc. Well-trained and motivated workers are the heart of a JIT system. They are given more authority to make decisions than their counterparts in more traditional systems, but they are expected to do more.
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