SRQ6 - SRQ6 1. Which of the following is not a measure of...

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SRQ6 1. Which of the following is not a measure of the reliability of the supply chain? A. supply chain response time B. on-time delivery C. fill rate D. lead time variability E. improving e-fulfillment statistics 2. Outsourcing followed by __________ is not simple. A. Integration B. Unionization C. Backsourcing D. Computerization E. Just-in-time 3. Real time information about product movement on store shelves could benefit from the use of: A. batch processing B. economic order quantities C. statistical process control D. radio frequency identification tags E. infrared remote scanners 4. Which of the following is not true of vendor analysis? A. It involves an examination of the function of purchased parts or raw materials. B. Its purpose is to reduce costs and/or improve performance of purchased goods or services. C. It is usually performed only periodically. D. Representatives from design and operations may work with purchasing. E. If improvements are identified, purchasing implements those that purchasing agrees are justified. 5. The two types of decisions that are relevant to supply chain management are: A. Short, long term B. Domestic, international C. Location, layout D. In-source, out-source E. Strategic, operational 6. The purchasing perspective of the supplier as a partner is characterized by: A. an emphasis on low prices B. one or a few suppliers C. low flexibility D. 100% inspection for quality E. low volume
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7. One important objective of purchasing is to: A. set quality standards for purchased items B. be knowledgeable about new products C. maintain numerous sources of supply D. obtain the lowest prices on all purchased items E. determine the processes that should be used 8. Our organization can obtain visibility to potential trading partners on the internet by using: A. C2C B. B2C C. B2B D. C2B E. None of the above 9. The activity which begins with a request from within the organization is: A. Outsourcing search B. Purchasing cycle C. Supplier selection D. Order receipt
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SRQ6 - SRQ6 1. Which of the following is not a measure of...

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