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OMIS 430-90NT  PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT  SUMMER 2011 Instructor: Dr. Susan Zee, Ph. D. Class Time: 100% Internet E-mail: [email protected] PREREQUISITE OMIS 200 (MGMT 261) and MGMT 351. COURSE OBJECTIVE The course deals with the decision making involved in selecting, designing, operating and controlling activities of the productive system of business. The topics include facilities location, output planning, inventory control, scheduling, and quality control. CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION The study of the systems for the creation of goods and services consumed by society. REQUIRED TEXTBOOK AND TOOL Operations Management , tenth edition, by William J. Stevenson and a scientific calculator. GRADING POLICY Respondus Lockdown Browser Verification Test 5 points Syllabus Validation 10 points Discussion Board (7 forums) 35 points Exam 1 (Chapters 1 & 2; 100 points Exam 2 (Chapters 3 & 4; June 16 & 17) 100 points Exam 3 (Chapters 5 &6; June 23 & 24) 100 points Exam 4 (Chapters 7 & 8; 100 points Exam 5 (Chapters 9 & 10; 100 points Exam 6 (Chapters 11 &12; 100 points Exam 7 (Chapter 15 &17; 100 points 100 points Total 750 points The final course grade will be based on the scale below: 675 – 750 points A 600 – 674 points B 525 – 599 points C 450 – 524 points D 449 points and below F 1. No makeup exams will be given under any circumstances. Please do not send email and ask the instructor to reset the exam. This is a 100% online class. The following excuses for missing an exams are not accepted: Internet down, bad weather, don’t have a computer, don’t have access to a computer,
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work too much, cannot get off work, being sick etc. All the exam dates are given on the very first day of the class; please arrange your work schedule accordingly. 2.
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syllabus - OMIS43090NT SUMMER2011 Instructor Class Time...

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