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Study Guide for EXAM 1 Fall 2010 0915

Study Guide for EXAM 1 Fall 2010 0915 - Introductory...

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Introductory Psychology King’s Experience Psychology Indiana State University Fall 2010 Introduction Definition of psychology Critical thinking Asking questions Being curious Empiricism History of Psychology o Wilhelm Wundt o 1879 First Psychology Lab o Structuralism –focus on structures of the mind o William James o Functionalism – focus on function of the mind o Approaches to Psychology o Biological* o neuroscience o Behavioral o Observable responses o Watson and Skinner o Psychodynamic* o Influence of the unconscious o Freud o Humanistic o Persons positive qualities o Carl Rogers o Cognitive o How we direct our attention o Evolutionary o Adaptation, reproduction and natural selection to explain behavior o Sociocultural o How does culture influence behavior Nature/Nurture Debate Psychological Research Methods Facts, theories and hypotheses – Clever Hans Homework 1 – bouncing balls –forming hypotheses* Homework 2 – fMRI Scientific Method Observe Formulate hypotheses and predictions Testing through empirical research Drawing conclusions Evaluating conclusions* Experimental Design Random selection and random assignment o Independent & Dependent variables*** o Operational definitions* o Confederates o Experimental & Control Group* o Placebos* o Sample and population Correlational Design
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Strength and direction – r = -1.0 to +1.0 *** NOT CAUSATION** Third variable problem Longitudinal design Self-report vs. Observational Methods
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