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#pragma once #include "Aria.h" # class ActionTurn : public ArAction { public: // constructor, sets the turnThreshold, and turnAmount ActionTurn(double turnThreshold, double turnAmount); // destructor, its just empty, we don't need to do anything virtual ~ActionTurn(void) {}; // fire, this is what the resolver calls to figure out what this action wants virtual ArActionDesired *fire(ArActionDesired currentDesired); // sets the robot pointer, also gets the sonar device, or deactivates this action if there is no sonar.
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Unformatted text preview: virtual void setRobot(ArRobot *robot); protected: // this is to hold the sonar device form the robot ArRangeDevice *mySonar; // what the action wants to do; used by the action resover after fire() ArActionDesired myDesired; // distance at which to start turning double myTurnThreshold; // amount to turn when turning is needed double myTurnAmount; // remember which turn direction we requested, to help keep turns smooth int myTurning; // -1 == left, 1 == right, 0 == none };...
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