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Unformatted text preview: MY PHYSIOLOGY PRESENTATION Click to edit Master subtitle style BY APRIL GRIFFIN 7/19/11 Table of Contents The Skeletal System Bone Structure The Muscular System Spinal Nerves The Nervous System 7/19/11 Click icon to add picture Anatom y of the Skeletal system Skeleton Skeletomuscu lar system Axial skeleton Appendicular skeleton 7/19/11 Physiology of the Skeletal System Foramen Magnum Skull Cranial Facial Bones Parietal Bones 7/19/11 Anatomy of the Bone Structure Nasal Bone Lacrimal Bone Zygomatic Bone Vomer Mandible 7/19/11 Physiology of the Bone Structure Clavicle Scapula Acromion Coracoid Process Glenoid Fossa 7/19/11 Anatomy of the Muscular System Skeletal Muscles Cardiac Muscle Smooth Muscles Origin Insertion 7/19/11 Physiology of a Muscle Contraction Fascicle Multinucleated Myofibril Neuromuscular junction Acetylcholine 7/19/11 Spinal Nerves Spinal Nerve Ventral Nerve Roots Efferent Nerves Dorsal Nerves Roots Afferent Nerves 7/19/11 Anatomy of the Nervous System Cranial cavity Cerebrum Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Occipital Lobe 7/19/11 Physiology of Nerve Transmission Dendrites Nucleus Myelin Synapse Receptors 7/19/11 Conclusion The Skeletal System Bones Structure The Muscular System The Nervous System 7/19/11 References & Citations Lizanne Mulligan (2004) The Illustrated Guide to Functional Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System [review of the ***[insert medium being reviewed]*** *** [insert title of work reviewed in italics]***]. Physical Therapy, 84(9), 877. Retrieved June 26, 2011, from Alumni­ Pro Quest Health and Medical Complete. (Document ID: 687494631). Narouze, S.. (2009). Sonoanatomy of the Cervical Spinal Nerve Roots Implications for Brachial Plxus Block. Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, 34(6), 616. Retrieved June 26, 2011, from Pro Quest Nursing & Allied Health Source. (Document ID: 7/19/11 ...
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  • Spring '08
  • spinal nerve roots, Nerves Spinal Nerve, Dorsal Nerves Roots, Lobe Occipital Lobe, Bone Structure Nasal, Ventral Nerve Roots

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