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Forces that shape law-, logic, history culture, religion, social utility Law and morals – don’t jaywalk or speed – law Don’t steal – law and moral Stop blind man walking off cliff – moral Aristole true law tied to moral behavior Social engineering – roscoe pound, utilize legal system to encourage or discourage behavior Fredrich karl von savigny – school of jurisprudence – look at nation entire history and see how law is set up Economical law of jurisprudence – business don’t win battle an lose war Stake holder model – managers, employees, communities, stockholders, customers, suppliers, stockholder comes first, they take on risk Risk and return – cost/benefit analysis Business and social responsibility – maximize profit and help community Who gets what? Kolberg, guidance business ethics, moral stages in life preconventional (little baby,good get candy bar self motivated) conventional (motivated to be accepted by others), post
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