Video 1 Notes - doing the right thing mom told me to SANCTIONS(teeth of the law Sanctions – puts people in line fines jail community service

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Mosaic Law – Moses – Jews Rome – Civil Law Fall of Rome – 200AD -400AD Feudal – King = God, nobleman land, traveling courts England – Common Law Merchant Law – Uniform Commercial Code Administration Agency – President congress didn’t have enough knowledge, delegate to others, industrial revolution, Laisez Faire – Hands off Function of law – Keeping Peace, Enforcing standard of conduct and maintain order, facilitating and planning, promote justice, How is law enforced effectively? Why follow law? – good working of society, efficiency,
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Unformatted text preview: doing the right thing, mom told me to, SANCTIONS (teeth of the law) Sanctions – puts people in line, fines, jail, community service, probation, imprisonment, loss of rights, death Legal philosophy laissez faire, individual ethics, social ethics, divine or natural law Individual ethics – society serves individual, deal is a deal, Societal ethics – individuals have to give up certain rights for society as whole Divine or natural law – born with right or wrong, Aristotle...
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