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Interactionism CheckPoint Personality may seem to change from one environment or culture to another, depending on one’s perception. Most people have at least two distinct personalities. The first is the private personality, and the second is the public or social personality. Variables play a significant role in how a personality develops. For instance, a person who is born in a strict religious culture may have been conditioned to wear specific clothing and adhere to a division of rights by gender. A Muslim culture would be a good example. Many Muslims believe that women should be covered from head to toe and be seen as inferior to men. Women of this culture develop personality traits to fit-in to normal societal practices within the culture. However, if people move to place where a different culture is predominant, they may adopt new traits to fit into the new culture. This is similar to the effects of environmental influences. As mentioned previously, most people have a public and a private personality. A person may show opposite traits from the work
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