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aqaz - rewards for eating out and the most popular one...

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Compare and contrast in my essay can be done and will be done for the reason being that when Americans use credit cards there are plenty of people in America that do not use credit cards for many of the reasons I am stating in my essay. Many essays are writen from the compare and contrast point of view is basiclly giving some one two different points of view on the same subject you are just writing it out different to not make it sound like an arguement on what the subject is. Americans should not use credit cards is the topic I am writing about so, having that in mind means my essay can contain many examples of compare and contrast. For example when I discuss about how some people go for different benefits when it comes to picking a credit card some people want a card that will blend with their flyer miles or you might have some one that wants a card that has
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Unformatted text preview: rewards for eating out and the most popular one would be cash back who doesn’t like cash back? Developing my outline will have to be broken down subject to subject. If a person gets a credit card why did they get that credi card? How will they use that credit card? What will they use the credit card for? How many credit cards do they already have? My main subjects for my outline will be about APR’s anual percentage rates will be the first topic the second will be about how learning from history can help you make better credit card decisions. The last will be about credit card statistics. I will make sure that my essay is very infomative and when I use the compare and contrast method I will make sure that the subject is on hand and the information is vital and informative not just a whole bunch of mumble-jumbo....
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