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The theory that I have done before was just to see an example of how kids react to cartoons, ultimately I turned it into a “theory test” because I always believed that all kids watch and enjoy cartoons. After testing this theory and actually wacthing my kids and also the ones that I was baby-sitting at the time, I found out that this is just a theory and seeing how kids react to different cartoons is another experament all in itself. My oldest daughter is only six years of age but, she does not enjoyo r ever and I mean ever want to watch cartoons as a father it fustrates me but, I think to myself at least its Disney Channel and networks alike not HBO or Cinemax. As I watched the other kids (some were older) they enjoyed the viewing pleasure and most still do to this day heck, I watch Family Guy every now and then.
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Unformatted text preview: There will always be kids and adults that enjoy cartoons but, not every child likes them and from my experience and personal opinión that the next generation of children will be even more regular show watchers like my daughter and not enjoy to many cartoons. Psychologist do this type of research on their own on a daily bases. Some of the most successful researches were either done by an individual or a group of people not some computer or number statistics. If I ever did such a study again I would change the cartoons and shows to something different like sports or a kids movie such as Toy Story because my daughter will watch and enjoy a cartoon movie it’s just the shows that have her bored. All in all I would say a theory is just a hypothesis backed up by some evidence of a concept or an idea that can be testable....
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