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I have never leased or bought a car from a dealership all 5 of my cars that I have had in my life time were either bought from an auction or bought from an individual that was selling the car. As I calculated everything up with the buy vs. lease scenario I found out that buying my next car is what I still want to do and, that’s what the calculation came up to. It says I should buy my next car. I indicated that I like to keep my cars as long as possible so the calculation says this is why I should buy and not lease. I never wanted to lease a car so this does not change my point of view but, It did shine a little light on me about leasing. I never wanted to lease a car before and after calculating up what I should
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Unformatted text preview: do I really dont ever want to lease a car because I like to keep my cars and, if I lease a car I do not get to keep it in fact I give it back like I was renting the car and this is not for me. Even though when you lease you are able to get a new car every two to four years into it, generally when your lease runs out you are not able to renew it. Everyone knows that buying is much more easier than leasing something. Why lease? All it is is a better way to say renting it sounds sexier. Most people are against leasing anything period and I am one of them I would not lease anything unless I absolutely have to do it....
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