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Taking Andy’s paper and putting the spin that I want on the things that I think are incorrect is a fairly good task you just have to pay close attention to the paper you are Reading. The first mistake that he made was when he wrote the first sentence without any support to the paragraph. He could have easily took allt the information that was at the bottom about how much the film grossed and all the other accalaids that were presented in the second to last paragraph. Second it seems that the autor had a lot of vital information but, seemed to be copied exctly Word from Word off of some web-site or magazine. Backing up you infomation with facts is key all that he said was the film did this and the film did that but, hjow do I as a reader get proof of this he could be making it all up for example he could of put “according to” or “the box office numbers” say this or that. While writing about the information you are putting out make sure it is from a reliable source. For instance the autor choose Wikipedia for vital information when we all
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