The most exciting game came on Friday night

The most exciting game came on Friday night - me of the...

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One of the most exciting game’s came on Friday night. The game lasted three hours. The Crimson Tide of Alabama took on the Tigers of Auburn. The game first came on and was a blow out . Three touchdowns were scored easily by Alabama early. Then a good player by the name of Cam Newton started to bring his tired team back. He especially was getting the offense going. At the end the Tigers came back and aggressively won the game by being physically fit the rest of the way. It reminded
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Unformatted text preview: me of the Super Bowl with the Steelers and Cardinals even though this game was better it wasn’t the greatest game of all time. Ben and Cam were the faster and stronger quarterbacks that lead there team to a comeback but these two QB’s are not the even considered as the greatest quarterbacks of all time. The stats weren’t the greatest but excitement of the comeback puts you on the edge of your seat especially when the fastest guy on the field gets the ball....
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