This article is very informational about credit

This article is very informational about credit - assets...

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This article is very informational about credit. Things like improving your credit score, the fair credit reporting act, sample dispute letter, how to deal with debt, bankruptcy, avoiding scams, and also identity theft. This is all help full and vital information that can help me with my anything that has to do with my credit in the future. For example; if I need to dispute a account they have a sample dispute letter so I would know exactly how to present a letter to a credit company. Yes, there are consequences if you keep borrowing and dig yourself further into debt then eventually you will have to file for bankruptcy. There are two types of bankruptcy, one is: Chapter 7 this is where you give up all
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Unformatted text preview: assets such as cars and property that are not exempt. Chapter 13 allows you to keep your assets such as cars and property if you have a steady income. The best way for me to pay my student loans back is to figure out my income, bills, and expenses so I can set a correct monthly payment because if I do the minimum then I will be paying back a lot of interest that I do not want to pay. The main positive thing for me to keep my student loans under control is to watch what I am spending, if I don’t need it than why should I want it. What I want is to pay back my student loans on time....
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