To whom it may concern - Together We Stand letter David...

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Together We Stand letter David Bland HUM/111 April 23, 2011 Fernando Javier Franco
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To whom it may concern, I am a resident at Restassure (the suburban community next to Downtown) and I am writing this letter because we have a very big issue with some of our residents getting life threatning diseases supposibly caused by the faulty development plan excuted by the company hired to do the construction on the local gas stations in the area. This is becoming a big problem for the community. I first discovered this issue at hand when I kept getting criticism from my neighbor about my two sick children. After being told that his son had the same disease a year before and the doctor’s told him that it was most likely caused by an air-born solution. Accepting this criticism because I was very bias about his comments until my own children were coughing just like my neighbors. This applyed my own curiosity in the whole situation and why some of the residence of my community where becoming ill. After conducting a community survey and also
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To whom it may concern - Together We Stand letter David...

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