wk01 - information to support control and decision making...

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Information System Business Problem Dimensions David Bland 2011-05-12 IT/205 Jeff Rugg
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The three dimensions to business problems are technology dimensions, people dimensions, and organizational dimensions. Using IS effectively can be a way easier task to accomplish if you are familiar with the understanding of organizational, people, and technological components. Organizational is structured and composed of different specialties and levels. Business firms are organized as a pyramid structure or a hierarchy. People are needed because a firm needs different people of different skills levels. Using technology is taking what is things like computer software, data management technology, IT, and things like the World Wide Web is a few things technology is all about. Information means data when you are talking about information system andinformation technology. IS is groups of interrelated components which collect, store, process, and distribute
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Unformatted text preview: information to support control and decision making in a organization. It may also help people like employees and managers to analyze different problems. It contains data about significant people, places, and things that surround the organization or are actually in the organization. Three processes are used to produce information that organizations need. Input, processing, and output are the three main activities that are used by IS. Input is the data collector from its "raw" form. Processing takes the "raw" data and puts it in to a more meaningful form. Output transfers the finished data for the organization to utilize. IT is Information Technology consists of hardware and software a firm needs to use so that the organization can achieve its business objectives. References: Pages 5-15 & Table 1.1 on page 20 (Ch. 1) of Essentials of Management Information Systems....
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wk01 - information to support control and decision making...

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