2009 mid sem with answers

2009 mid sem with answers - 1 Your Name.Your Student Number...

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1 Your Name :…………………………………………. Your Student Number ………… THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING ACCT 3563 Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis ACCT 3573 Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis (Honours) Mid-Session Examination With Answers Session 1 – 2009 Date: Friday 24 April Time: 5.30pm – 7.00pm Venues: CLB 7, Keith Burrows Theatre, Mathews A, Mathews B, Rex Vowels Theatre, Squarehouse (Kingsford and Anzac rooms) Writing time allowed: 90 minutes; Reading time: 10 minutes INSTRUCTIONS 1. Before commencement of the examination, complete the personal details requested on the Multiple Choice Answer Sheet. In the "Other Data" section record your 2-digit tutorial group number code in the first two spaces. Tutorial Instructor Tute Group Tute Group Code Day Time Room Demi Chung M9a 01 mon 9-10 am Quad G027 Wista Narulita M9c 02 mon 9-10am Quad G025 Demi Chung M10a 03 mon 10-11am Webst 302 Isabelle Susilowati M10b 04 mon 10-11am Gold G03 Demi Chung M11a 05 mon 11am-12pm Webst 302 Isabelle Susilowati M11b 06 mon 11am-12pm Quad G027 Demi Chung M14a 07 mon 2-3pm RedC 3037 Isabelle Susilowati M14b 08 mon 2-3pm Webst 302 Isabelle Susilowati M15a 09 mon 3-4pm Webst 302 Adrian Koit M16a 10 mon 4-5pm Quad G022 Adrian Koit M17a 11 mon 5-6pm RedC 2035 Jeffrey Knapp M17b 12 mon 5-6pm GOLD G03 Adrian Koit M18a 13 mon 6-7pm Quad G054 Ben Guo M18b 14 mon 6-7pm QUAD G042 Adrian Koit M19a 15 mon 7-8pm QUAD G022 Cheng Lai T9a 16 tues 9-10am QUAD G053 Wista Narulita T9b 17 tues 9-10am GOLD G05 Carmel Emanuel T10a 18 tues 10-11am K17 B02 Cheng Lai T10b 19 tues 10-11am HutD10 G02 Carmel Emanuel T11a 20 tues 11am-12pm MorvB G6 Jeffrey Knapp T11b 21 tues 11am-12pm OMB 116 Carmel Emanuel T14a 22 tues 2-3pm GOLD G03 Jerry Chen T14b 23 tues 2-3pm WEBST 302 Jerry Chen T15a 24 tues 3-4pm WEBST 302 Jeffrey Knapp T15b 25 tues 3-4pm GOLD G03 Ben Guo T20a 26 tues 8-9pm QUAD 1047 Jerry Chen T20b 27 tues 8-9pm QUAD 1046 Demi Chung W14a 28 wed 2-3pm K17 B02
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2 Cheng Lai W14b 29 wed 2-3pm MAT 306 Jeffrey Knapp W14c 30 wed 2-3pm MAT 313 Cheng Lai W15a 31 wed 3-4pm MAT 302 Jeffrey Knapp W15b 32 wed 3-4pm MAT 313 Demi Chung H14a 33 thurs 2-3pm QUAD G054 Jeffrey Knapp H14b 34 thurs 2-3pm QUAD 1042 Jerry Chen H14c 35 thurs 2-3pm QUAD G042 Honours stream Richard Morris Honours 1 36 Mon 10am - 12pm QUAD 1048 Richard Morris Honours 2 37 Wed 10am - 12pm QUAD 1049 2. Record all your answers to the multiple-choice questions on the Answer Sheet during the actual 90 minutes of examination writing time. 3.
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2009 mid sem with answers - 1 Your Name.Your Student Number...

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