Managed Funds MC - Managed Funds MC (self made) 1. Managed...

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Managed Funds –MC (self made) 1. Managed trusts and investment trusts are forms of managed investment schemes which are taxed by; a. Are taxed on profits directly b. Investors pay personal tax on benefits distributed c. Are taxed twice; company tax then personal tax on benefits d. None of the above 2. The two main variations of the managed funds industry are; a. Superannuation funds and managed investment schemes b. Investment trusts and managed investment schemes c. Superannuation funds and investment trusts d. Polled funds and managed trusts 3. Superannuation funds pay; a. 10% tax on income and 15% tax on capital gains b. 15% tax on income and 10% tax on capital gains c. Tax relative to the members income and capital gains rate d. No tax at all 4. In managed funds; average minimum initial deposits are _________ , minimum additional investments are __________, and a minimum balance is usually around ___________. a. $1000, $100, $500 b. $5000, $1000, $5000 c. $100,000, $10,000, $50,000 d. $2000, $1000, $2000
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5. Funds themselves are owned by ___________, and managed by ___________. a. The firm that runs it, investment/portfolio manager b. Unit holders, investment/portfolio manager c. The firm that runs it, trustee d. Unit holders, trustee 6. Unlisted funds are; a. Open-ended funds but can also be closed b. Only open-ended funds c. Indexed funds d. Active funds 7. True or false
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Managed Funds MC - Managed Funds MC (self made) 1. Managed...

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